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We're proud and happy that ever since its first release in 1999 we can help Excel users all over the world. Thank you


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Recommendations via LinkedIn

In brief: Bastien has created something that any Excel user should have, and his stewardship of this entirely useful product has been a pleasant surprise. My inquiries and requests for help have always been met with professionalism and a generosity of service that are unexpected.

Jack Nicholson, CFP®, VP National Sales Effectiveness | December 3, 2013,

I was told to look up the the add-in ASAP Utilities by a colleague. I did not know what to expect. I am still amazed and continue to discover a new benefit to the add-in each week I use it. The hours it has saved not only me but my employer is unmatched. In the past I would have to create macros that were helpful but not complete. This is the complete package. I bought it for my work pc, my home pc and also for a few friends - just because I did so much bragging about it. If you do not have it yet just look into it - there will be no disappointment.

Scott Besler, Senior Manager, BESLER Consulting | May 6, 2013,

I have been using ASAP Utilities since 2007. Since then my way of working with Excel has changed completely and without them I would be lost. Thanks Bastien for the thousands of hours saved with Excel and the delight I still face when I discover new functions with your ASAP Utilities.

Giovanna Pisano, Credit Controller, Nokia | May 22, 2012,

Bastien has created an awesome Excel add on that is truly a must have for anyone who uses excel on a daily basis. The time savings and productivity that this tool adds is remarkable. Additionally, Bastien takes the time to fully support the product and answer any question promptly and accurately

Mordy Eisenberg, Executive Director at Fountainview at College Road | April 18, 2012,

My life wouldn't be the same if I hadn't discovered ASAP Utilities. It is the most amazing add-on for Excel and has made using Excel so much more used friendly. I have introduced it to so many people and they are as hooked as I am!

Sue Kilian, Senior Q.S., Calgro M3 Developments (Pty) Ltd | October 20, 2011,

I started to use ASAP Utilities from 2006. From that time my work in MS Excel has become more productive, the same operations which took me 10-15 minutes to do (or even more) now take only few seconds with the help of ASAP Utilities.
Bastien is also very attentive to his customers. I had some inquires about the applications and received full answer and support from him in a short time.
I recommend everyone to use this application.

Vardan Muradyan, Chief Financial Officer at GPM Asia | September 2, 2011,

For any of you that have not used ASAP Utilities yet, please go to ASAP Utilities and try it out! I work in excel every day and would not be able to do my job as quickly without it! To think that the creators or Excel did not develop this themselves just goes to say that Bastien should or could work at Microsoft as a developer. This tool is absolutely priceless. I love it and have recommended it to collegues to try it dozens of times!

Liz King, Category Manager - Hair Care, Unilever | August 22, 2011,

ASAP Utilities is the best application for anyone who is using Excel extensively. I would definitively recommend this ingenious Excel tool to both corporate clients and individuals.
ASAP Utilities is a real value for money!

Petro Kit - Corporate Finance professional | September 27, 2010,

A small selection of compliments that we received by email the past 18 years

  • ASAP utilities is a lifesaver. I really enjoy its functionality, and regularly use a half dozen or so of its functions- especially the text functions such as change case, combine cell contents or remove extra spaces. Great job.
  • I absolutely LOVE ASAP utilities and it has allowed me to create some really functional spreadsheets in excel that look great, too! Thank you!
  • Just to let you know. I absolutely love this program. It is great.
  • This is an absolute MUST for Excel
    This is a set of Macros that incalculably, upgrade Excel. I estimate that it halves the time and doubles the capacity of working with Excel.
  • Thanks for a wonderful tool that helps when I am stuck.
  • A terrific set of utilities! I think that they are invaluable.
  • Thanks for your quick support…..as I simply cannot do my work without ASAP Utilities every single day :-)
  • I just downloaded the ASAP utilities and find them to be very helpful.
  • You’re a genius!!
  • Good Morning. I purchased and have been using your ASAP Utilities. It is an excellent product.
  • Our research director has already fallen in love with ASAP.
  • You are the BEST!!! I wish other software companies were as easy to work with as you guys!!!!
  • I have been using the free version of ASAP utilities for at least the last five years, and probably longer. I have admired it as the best single utility I have ever run across in 25 years of using computers.
  • Please allow me to say thank you for your fabulous product. I am indebted to you. Thanks very much!
  • ASAP Utilities is one of the best products I’ve ever utilized when working in Excel. Keep up the good work – this is an amazing product that I will find hard to live without…
  • A huge thank you for making my life easier with your great product.
  • Fantastic, you guys have thought of everything. Your response to emails is unmatched. Thank you so much.
  • I have downloaded the New version, in French ! I appreciate it very much and recommended it to my friends because you deserve it. These utilities are very well thought, useful and the service excellent.
  • Please know that I greatly admire you and your hard work over the years. I don't know exactly when I started using ASAP Utilities. My guess is that it was about 2005 or before, but I've been a faithful user and evangelist for you for years. Since I had benefitted so much from your hard work, I did register several years ago (don't quite remember when). I will continue to let folks know the benefits of ASAP Utilities and encourage them to register.
  • Thank you for a brilliant piece of software.
  • My Thanks again for a great Utility & for your personal response (sincerely appreciated).
  • I love this tool. I use it every day!
  • I've recommended your program to several of my co-workers and wish you much success with your business.
  • I have found ASAP to be useful over the past few years and thank you for this excellent addition to EXCEL
  • Thank you for replying so fast and solving the problem. I will suggest even more friends to use this wonderful utility in excel and purchase it for using officially.
  • Thank you very much for this utility. It is a lifesaver.
  • I find the ASAP utilities very useful, although only use a fraction of them. Keep up the good work.
  • As always, I continue to be impressed with your program. Thanks for making it available!
  • I have used the trial version of ASAP utilities on Windows and am highly impressed with the amount of workload it has reduced for me.
  • I have just downloaded and WOW! Thanks, for the hours some of these will save me!
  • I was recently made aware of the asap utility, and can't imagine how i could have missed using this wonderful add on for so many years of using excel. It is truly a great addition.
  • I simply cannot believe how much crunching work I've saved by purchasing ASAP Utilities. Many of the functions are extremely handy and well thought out.
    Congratulations on creating elegant, very useful software.
  • Hi Guys, Continue like this, without You excell will be much poorer.
  • I want to say thank you for all of your hard work and allowing us the use of ASAP Utilities. I use Excel all day and would be pulling my hair out sometimes without ASAP Utilities. Thank you so much...
  • I am an excel power-user. I use excel several hours a day. I use this product at home and love the time that this product saves. I am currently promoting the implementation of this add-in at our organization.
  • Love your utility set. Use it all the time to remove blank line, convert case, remove leading & trailing blanks. Really works great.
  • I am a long-time user of ASAP utilities and I have found it to be one of the best utilities I've ever seen.
  • I downloaded ASAP UTILITIES a few weeks ago, just for try. I must tell you, at first I was a bit sceptical about the utility that ASAP could offer me, because I was used to satisfy my Excel need on my own. But I can tell you ASAP UTILITIES is one of the BEST THINGS I've ever seen in Excel. It's amazing how it helps me in saving time and how usefull it is. I think you're completely right when you say it's a MUST.
  • I'm a Sr. Project Analyst, and ever since I tried ASAP Utilities - I've been the talk of the office for quick project completion time and accuracy. THANK YOU.
  • Thank-you a million times over. I just downloaded your product - and I love it already. It will save me a lot of time and frustration. The feature I specifically needed was the "Copy Values to empty cells below filled ....." . I was delighted to find your program easily handled this plus gives me so much more.
  • I just discovered your "ASAP Utilities" ...and let me say that this program is so good I would have mistaken it for an actual integrated part of Excel if I hadn't known otherwise - it's that good. Thank You ...very much.
  • Hello – I really enjoy using ASAP utilities every day. It saves me lots of time and that makes me happy!
  • Thanks so much for this program - it's a wonderful tool!
  • I have loved using ASAP with excel for years and would be lost without it….Thanks and keep up the good work.
  • Thanks for your time. I truly appreciate your wonderful product!!!
  • Thanks again, and I have to say your program is so critical to my day-to-day worksheet activities and I can’t praise it enough!
  • I would just like to say that the ASAP Utilities are simply amazing and I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful work.
  • In honour of the 2010 Olympics, you deserve a GOLD MEDAL for this ;)
  • What a GREAT product. I would be totally lost without it.
  • I love the program what a great tool. It is a great time saver.
  • I have been using the ASAP Utility for the last three years and found it to be very useful and thanx for the same.
  • Your utilities have saved me a lot of time. I have just purchased a licence.
  • I will tell you something, the ASAP utilities are just great. I have been using them for many years... since they were free...hehe... My job involves TONS of time on Excel, and ASAP is an incredible time and effort saver. You also have an outstanding record of continuous development and improvement, always releasing updates. Thanks a lot for your work!!!
  • I've been using your utility for a few weeks and it is saving me at least an hour a day. I am only using 3 functions for now, but that's more than I hoped for. Now my workday is not 10 hours a day, but only 9 - seriously. Hey, progress is progress. Sometime soon I might actually be home for dinner more than once a week.

“Do you only receive positive feedback?”

Mostly, isn't that great! But not always, no one and no product is 100% perfect. We do everything possible to help people and use their feedback to further improve ASAP Utilities. We do that already since 1999.
We really want to help you and provide you with the best and most user-friendly add-in for Excel!

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