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Excel shows only one workbook in the taskbar

Date: April 9, 2013
reference id: QA0261


When you ran certain tools from ASAP Utilities via the "Find and run a utility"-tool, then the setting in Excel could have been changed, and now only one workbook is shown in the Excel taskbar.

This bug exists in version 4.8.6 and it has been solved in the new version 5.

Solution: Show all windows in the Taskbar

This bug has been fixed in the new version 5.0

You can change this setting in Excel via:
Excel 2013 and 2010: File > Options > Advanced > Display > Show all windows in the Taskbar
Excel 2007: Office button > Excel Options > Advanced > Display > Show all windows in the Taskbar
Show all windows in the Taskbar - Excel 2010 - File - Options - Advanced - Display.jpg

In Excel 2003 you can find this setting in:
Tools > Options > View > Windows in Taskbar
Show all windows in the Taskbar - Excel 2003 - Tools - Options - View.jpg

Technical background

In version 4.8.6 of ASAP Utilities we've changed a setting for the taskbar in Windows 7.
By default, when you have multiple workbooks open in Excel and a tool from ASAP Utilities (or any add-in or macro) is active, then you can't switch from another program back to Excel via the Windows taskbar. In the new version of ASAP Utilities we've created a workaround for this by temporarily grouping the windows from Excel when ASAP Utilities starts a tool, and returning to the original setting after ASAP Utilities has finished.

By default you should only see it disabled when one of the tools from ASAP Utilities is active, and then at the end it is reset to your/Excel's initial settings.

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